The impact of environmental protection tax legislation on the steel industry


In the face of outstanding environmental problems, the Chinese government has continuously introduced various countermeasures, but it still stays at the policy level. If the environmental protection tax is introduced, it will regulate the enterprises to be more environmentally friendly. Industries with severe overcapacity such as steel, cement, flat glass, and electrolytic aluminum will be affected after the introduction of environmental taxes. Some analysts said in an interview with the "Securities Daily" reporter that what the government should do is to effectively protect the legality and compulsory of environmental protection taxes, strengthen supervision and management, and implement the collection of environmental protection taxes.

Legislation on environmental protection tax will accelerate the elimination of backward overcapacity, indicating the country's determination to environmental governance. At the same time, industries closely related to the ecological environment are facing increasingly heavy environmental pressures and environmental responsibility, and the industry needs for transformation and upgrading, energy conservation and emission reduction are becoming increasingly prominent. The relevant person in charge of the Policy and Regulation Department of the State Administration of Taxation said that due to the special object of environmental protection tax collection, the collection and management process is complicated, and has invested a lot of time and energy to investigate, initially sorting out the environmental protection tax collection and management process, and completing the international experience collection and preliminary data. Measuring work.

After the environmental protection tax has been completed, the costs incurred by enterprises with heavy energy consumption and heavy pollution emissions will increase and the burden will be increased, thus internalizing external costs, thereby forcing enterprises to improve technology and strengthen Management, reducing energy consumption and reducing pollution. Su Ming, deputy director of the Institute of Fiscal Science of the Ministry of Finance, said that the environmental protection tax can increase the government's income level for raising environmental governance funds, so that the government can increase investment in environmental governance and improve environmental pollution. If after a period of time, corporate emissions are reduced, the environment is improved, and government financing will be reduced, this is a good thing.

At present, the environmental protection tax has been formulated and levied, and the basic conditions for establishing an environmental taxation system are in place. Regarding the environmental protection tax levy standards and tax rate delineation issues, some environmental protection department experts in the interview with the "Securities Daily" reporter suggested that different companies that cause different levels of pollution, different taxes, cultivate enterprises to reduce pollution habits .

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